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What is Japanese Traditional Kawaii Hinamatsuri Festival??


Do you know a festival celebrating girls “Hina-matsuri”(ひな祭り)? It is a Japanese traditional festival which families with girls arrange their collections of a type of Japanese doll called “hina” into a display. Hishimochi (rice cake colored in pink, white and green),Shirozake (rice winet and peach flowers which have a power are displayed together. These items have some meanings. For example, it is considered that peach flowers have a power of keeping evil spirit away and meaning of longevity. People celebrate the health and happiness of girls. In our previous article, we introduce a basic information of Hinamatsuri and one of the unique types of Hinamatsuri called “Tsurushibina”(つるし雛) which is beautiful and gorgeous decoration.

Decorations of Hinamatsuri make us feel “Kawaii” (cuteness).

“Tsurushibina”(つるし雛) is a decoration which is made of pieces of silk and designed with various motifs such as a peach meaning longevity, a monky meaning good luck, a rabbit being considered to be a messenger of a god and so on. The customs and traditions are unique to Japan since the Edo-period. Today we can see Tsurushibina in Yamagata prefecture, Shizuoka prefecture, and Fukuoka prefecture. It must be very precious experience! Why don’t you visit any of these places and enjoy Tsurushibina!

Introducing Various kinds of Tsurushibina!

“Tsurushikazari”(つるし飾り)of Shizuoka Prefecture

What is Japanese Traditional Kawaii Hinamatsuri Festival??

In Shizuoka, Hinamatsuri was a quaint culture which families with girls celebrated with decorations mothers and grand mothers made by themselves. Today’s basic style of the Hinamatsuri decoration is hanging 5 red strings with 11 decoratioes on a loop (about 25cm in diameter). The Tsurushikazari is very pretty and important for girls. So, some people take good care of the Tsurushikazari to keep it as a memory.

“Sagemon” (さげもん) of Fukuoka Prefecture

What is Japanese Traditional Kawaii Hinamatsuri Festival??

In Fukuoka, Tsurushibina is called “Sagemon”(さげもん). Sagemon is different from Tsushikazari of Shizuoka in that a motif of the decoration is not animals but Mari(ball).

“Kasafuku”(傘福) of Yamagata Prefecture

What is Japanese Traditional Kawaii Hinamatsuri Festival??

During the season of Hina-matsuri Festival, Sakata city in Yamagata prefecture becomes more lively because of “Kasafuku” which is a decoration of an umbrella. People pray for their families’ happiness under the umbrella’s decorations which local people make.

There are many events!

During the season of Hinamatsuri Festival, various festivals which is based on Tsurushibina we introduced are held in Japan. Why not check the festivals before you visit Japan in spring!

The Festival of Hinano-Tsurushikazari Matsuri (雛のつるし飾りまつり)

Event date: 20th January 2019 – 31st March 2019
Location: Izuinatori-onsen(伊豆稲取温泉)
Official Webpage

Senryu-hinamatsuri Sagemon-meguri (川柳雛祭り さげもんめぐり)

Event date: 11th February 2019- 3rd April 2019
Location: Senryu city, Fukuoka prefecture (福岡県川柳市)
Official Webpage

Sakata-hinakaido (酒田雛街道)

Event date: 1st March 2019-3rd April 2019
Location: Sakata city, Yamagata prefecture (山形県 酒田市内)
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What is Japanese Traditional Kawaii Hinamatsuri Festival??