Enjoy the fusion of Kyoto culture and Milanese spirit at the new Valextra shop in Gion

Valextra has opened “Casa Valextra” in Gion, Kyoto, an interactive space that creates a ‘journey of discovery’ through mid-century Italian design icons, arts and crafts nurtured in Kyoto and contemporary objects.

Texts Tsuchiya Risa

What kind of things are there to experience? Find out what Casa Valextra has to offer

A quaint converted tea house in Gion

Casa Valextra was created in a renovated former two-storey tea house on Hanami-dori in Gion, Kyoto.

Passing through the entrance curtain, you will find yourself immersed in the harmony of the ancient capital and the brand’s sensibility of engineering beauty.

As the ‘crossroads’ between Kyoto, at the forefront of crafts that have preserved tradition and innovation for over 1000 years, and Milan, where Valextra has its roots and has been creating famous architectural and design icons since the 20th century, the new Kyoto Boutique conveys to the guests the fusion of tradition and culture.

Enjoy the harmony of Kyoto’s atmosphere and the interior furnished with furniture designed to symbolise Italian design in the 1960s and 1970s

Introducing the new lifestyle category, a dawn of a new brand

Casa Valextra has introduced a new lifestyle category. A wide range of products are available to suit guests’ lifestyles.

Wide range of leather goods

Some exhibits give a sense of the brand’s history

Don’t miss the original vintage items, such as the iconic Valextra ‘Carita’ and ‘TricTruc’.

Vintage ‘Carita’ and ‘TricTruc’

All eyes on Casa Valextra’s limited edition range

The exclusive limited editions created by Italian craftsmen as a tribute to the city of Kyoto are also a unique highlight of Casa Valextra.

Special edition of the iconic ‘Iside’ bag in purple, reminiscent of the wisteria flowers of Kyoto, with a sculptural top handle

Ford of Silk

‘Costa Travel Case’ and ‘TricTruc’

You can enjoy a “traditional Milan bar experience”

On the second floor of the shop, visitors can enjoy a unique experience, as if they were in a bar in Milan, while still being in Kyoto.

Enjoy a drink while admiring the brand’s masterpieces

Shop Information

Casa Valextra

Address: 570-8, Gion-cho Minamigawa, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, Japan

Goodwill with original typography is a landmark

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